I know, right?

Admittedly, I have gone through some of the most stressful and painful months of my life since my last update in January.  Forgive me!  This does mean, however, that there was no shortage of things for me to take my mind off of by stitching!  Crafting has to be my number one mind-clearer, at least when the dance season is on its break.

I ran a craft event this winter where, if you know crafters at all, the room was inevitably filled with curses and expletives focussed towards our needles, threads and other supplies.  “Why won’t you just go through the effin hole!?… No! No! Don’t start to fray, dammit!”  One spectator asked, “Isn’t craft supposed to be, like… relaxing?”  It comes with some challenges, I suppose  (my favourite is my friend Lauren’s exclamation of “NOBODY MOVE!” whenever she drops a stitch)  but the relaxation and release that comes from crafting is about how focused and invested you are in your small project for those few hours, letting everything else melt away.  With dance,  things seem to disappear from the joy of movement and the obvious physical freedom.  It’s different for craft because it feels like I am giving everything to something else in my life for a moment, and in the end it turns out right, and I can use it and love it and brag about it forever.

….I think I just solved all my love problems while writing about textiles.  Man. Shit got real.


This was piece was part of a tea-towel triptych for an ‘Art and Social Movements’ class, and was also shown at my college’s annual art show.  I wanted to put masculine spaces on to feminine textiles and in feminine mediums to confuse the usual imagery that would be found on them.  Also, I thought it would be fun to embroider the front of a strip club.  In the end, this has been one of the most labour-intensive things I’ve ever done.  Each girl took about and hour each, the largest in the centre I did over a couple of days.  Considering that I started embroidering only 6 months ago, I think i did okay!  The girls are turned out pretty hot, and I did well on my assignment.  Props to my friend Lauren for seriously helping me out with the pattern.

A detail:

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