Dress secrets.

There is a craft in here! I swear!

I finally finished the chunky alpaca scarf that was supposed to be my mom’s Christmas gift.  It’s okay though since it is still probably freezing in Toronto, so it’s not late.  I used Blue Sky Alpaca’s Bulky in Jasmine.  The yarn is lovely to knit with, but it took me ALOT of skeins (about 4-5?) to get a long enough scarf, and it still only goes around once.  This was annoying since this stuff is relatively pricey.  Also: it was hard to block it.  Admittedly, this is the only thing I have ever knit that I have had to block, so there is a distinct possibility that maybe I just did it wrong and didn’t stretch it enough.  It definitely flattened out a bit, but it still tends to roll in on the sides. Lastly, it SHEDS. EVERYWHERE.  How do I combat this?  Only the internet will tell.  Until then, I will wear it with only my grey jackets, or otherwise risk looking like an extreme cat lady.

It’s pretty cute for now, anyways.

This blog should probably be called WollstoneCRAFT+dressesIbuy/hem, but hey this is the ‘blogosphere’ and I control everything sooooo… Fact: dresses are my favourite.  I will wear them in every weather, with boots, sandals, heels, runners, tights, socks.  Everyone needs to wear more dresses.  I may have an addiction to buying them, but the amount of use I get out of them is well worth it. We have to bring them back into constant, daily use and not just let them rot in our closets for semi-formals. This is my (and Monic-aaah’s) manifesto. ANWYAYYYS…

That orange dress I am wearing in the scarf pictures is my new favourite! and so is shopping in downtown Victoria for second hand stuff.  It is way cheaper than Toronto, with better quality & selection than Vancouver.  In my boy’s words: “It’s because of all the old people, yo.”  This piece is 100% amazing quality wool, it’s from Sweden, and you can’t beat dresses with sleeves, in my opinion.  It was $20 from Flavour on Johnson Street.  They just opened an upstairs, vintage-only store that I have only had success at.  At 2 dresses, a pencil skirt and a blouse for under $70, you also can’t beat their prices, especially on the dresses. Mr. WollstoneCRAFT also found his new favourite highlighter-coloured windbreaker there for a steal.

Also crafty is how I altered this find from The Patch on Yates, for my Law Semi-Formal this weekend.

The dress itself was $30, which is negligible considering the sheer amount of beading and sequins on silk.  It was pretty long, and when my tailor said it was impossible to hem since the beading would unravel, I took to it with the safety pins, for a grand total of $free.99

Oh, and the back is sick too:

Yeah. Am I right?  I hate being this proud of a find/craft, but damn I was excited about this one. Despite a few road blocks it worked out so well!

I will also note that I also had a lot of success at Front and Company near Main and King Edward in Van.  Prices are higher (dresses are closer to $45-50) but since it’s consignment, they are more lightly used and will last longer at the end of the day.  Blouses and skirts were as reasonable as other places though, and they have a pretty boss ‘designer’ consignment rack.  If only that MaxMara skirt fit me….  They have a bunch of new stuff too, which is pretty nice.  I walked in there with fresh Christmas money, and walked out with a cool 3 consignment dresses and a new sweater, all reasonably priced.

Lastly, he’s some food porn for all of you:  Linguine With Clams, Garlic, White Wine and Fried Breadcrumbs from The Main {recipes} by Anthony Sedlak.

Yum. Thanks boyfriend. You make good pastas.

Look forward to one last knitting-post before exams eat me (they are already starting to).


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2 responses to “Dress secrets.

  1. Great post–LOVE the orange dress! Since you’re a fan of Flavour’s new upstairs vintage shop, you may also want to check out Victoria’s new Mavens vintage store.
    I haven’t been yet, so let me know if you go and what you think!
    Editor, ScrimporSplurge.ca

  2. jomama

    Looking good! Your mom is soooo worth 4-5 skeins of fine wool – get her to tell you about her Holt’s set somewhere around Christmas ’79 – ’80. Missing your great jewellery ideas.
    Love from over here (centre of the universe)

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