Hey all,
Another quick post as my 2 weeks of essay/LSAT hell begin.  I managed this embroidery on my pillowcase back when I was naive as to how much school work I actually had in January!  I really like how it turned out, colour-wise.

(pattern from sublime stitching)

I will allude to some upcoming posts now! I promise a knitting recap since this is high warm-clothes season, and I am re-attending my knitting club, so projects have been in the multiple.  Additionally, I am beginning a few pieces for my college’s art show: one will be a larger conceptual embroidery project, and the other will be some necklaces from my jewellery collection. The show goes up in March, so I suppose I will update with teasy images of the works in progress!

Looking forward to February as much as I can right now!

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