Cable me some love.

Rainy summer days are the best to stay indoors and craft on.  The weather might bring you down, but a toasty apartment with the last season of The Wire, the latest Scott Pilgrim, and fabric and yarn for miles is my kind of day in.  Why not throw in a post with that?

I finished my (second) Star-Crossed Slouchy Beret by Natalie Larson while up at the cottage last weekend.  Beach knitting in the sun is another one of my habits (nerd proof) and despite the slight sandiness, and the propensity of my pattern to fly into the lake, this beret came out magnificently.  I mentioned that this was my second go at this pattern.  My last hat was tragically lost around winter exam period, when almost anything could go missing and I wouldn’t really notice, considering my cloistered lifestyle in the library.  There is probably nothing worse than losing something that you’ve knit.  I’ve lost bracelets and other jewelry before, but a knitstuff is just too labour intensive to get over. 

The new hat is practically identical, since I loved the colour and feel of the first one so much.  Again, I used Malabrigo single-ply worsted, the softest, smooshiest yarn around.  This time the colourway was Pearl Ten, instead of Sweet Grapes (who names these things anyways?).  The former is a bit more variegated and less purple than the latter.

I will be keeping a close close eye on this hat for a while to come.  It goes perfectly with my winter coat, and I am excited to finally have a hat&mitt set which I have made myself!

August promises to be a hectic creative month! This is what inspired my “stay in, wear a frosh Tshirt, and PRODUCE” day today.  Most exciting: I am going to be selling my wears at a concert/art event/electro dance party on August 6th at Toronto’s Great Hall near Queen and Ossington. The event is called VOYEUR II (see it here on fbook) and I am good friends with one of the planners as well as the opening act. = )  I think I’m going to bust out a lot of yo-yo necklaces and hair pins (check out my yummy fabrics below!), as well as a lot of new lacy jewelry and cuff links for the boys.  Please come and visit me, even if you already have like, three of each.

Also, I’ve heard some rumblings of a new embroidered pillowcase that may be commissioned soon. CRAFTRUMOURMILLOMG.  If YOU want anything embroidered before I take off to the other side of the country (it is totally still possible when I am out there but hey) please let me know!

Gee, a day of crafting sure can cheer a girl up.  I hope your day was just as (metaphorically) sunny!

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  1. Paula Reynolds

    Martina, I love this hat! I’m going to attempt to knit one too. I just finished a scarf today.

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