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Dress her up.

Oh hey guys,

Last four months in a nutshell:  move to Vancouver; attend law school; subsequently let law school take over life as expected, knitting needles gather dust; most free time spent visiting boyfriend and/or eating; take up cooking!; foolishly visit Vancouver yarn store in the middle of exams, possible consequences to Torts midterm; only now realize Sweet Georgia Yarns is based in Vancouver; visit home i.e. Toronto; DON’T STOP CRAFTING, NO SLEEP TIL CHRISTMAS; return to Vancouver; POST ABOUT IT.

The “take up cooking” part of that whole dealio, will be in a different post… maybe even a guest one for GGLE?  My Christmas present crafts are also coming, fear not! It’s just that not all of them are out yet since I just got back to Van, and I don’t want to ruin surprises.  Soooooo…

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