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Capital Investment

No, this isn’t ECO105…

…it’s an effin’ sewing machine.

My Nonna had five seperate sewing machines sitting in her basement.  You’d think it was like a Singer graveyard or something, but these machines don’t die.  Here is where you can find a vintage 1940s automatic Singer, amazingly decorated (not unlike this one) in great working condition. It was in constant use until grandma needed a zig-zag stitch that it just couldn’t offer sometime around the 60s.  My father’s mother’s machine was also in there, having migrated all the way from Northern Italy for whoknowswhy.  This baby still had a foot pedal.  I opted for the Euro-Pro Denim Machine.   Long discarded by my aunt; more stitch options than a Greek family has cousins.

The discovery of an inherited sewing machine would not always have made me as excited as it does today.  While it is the one craft my mother has kept up with (when it’s either necessary or Halloween)  sewing is not hereditary.  I don’t think I have ever trusted myself enough with the investments that seamstressing involves, nor do I trust my luck with all its margins for error.  I am notoriously bad at measuring. This fact alone should probably exclude me from this craft.

What could have made me turn?  My recent. fabric. obsession. I know… you’re obsessed now too.  Indeed, my pliers and beads have taken a backseat to cottons and silks!   Not unrelated is my particular penchant for dresses.  I would love to be able to wear something that I have complete control over.  No worries about “we only have that in a 2”.  An escape from the bandage dress plague!

Nevertheless, learning to sew is HARD.  Where do I start?  Do I just buy a pattern and learn as I go?  Do they have patterns that will help teach me?  Should I start big or small?  How will I afford the fabric?  How can I afford 30 dollar classes?  I have to cut that pretty fabric?

I should probably come to terms with the fact that whatever I sew first will be ugly and won’t fit me.  I’m sure I’ll feel a sense of accomplishment nonetheless, so what’s the harm in that?


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