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One post. Entirely dedicated to a scarf.

Oh hey there,
What’s this?  Another post?  Are you kidding!  I thought you had homework!
Like I said, I knit til my fingers bled (metaphorically) this xmas break and I realized that there was just too much behind each gift to overload one giant post.

A scarf for Mr. wollstoneCRAFT’s mom!  NOTE: I LOVED THIS SCARF. I MAY MAKE A MATCHING ONE. Would that be weird maybe?

Kudos to Martha again… this one of the only patterns she has on her website, the Knitted Neck Scarf (creativity points for the title there, Marth).  There are dozens of iterations of this same style floating around the internet, so word to wise: don’t pay for one.  I liked this version since it used DK yarn (thinner than usual) and produced a very delicate scarf instead of something that would have been stiffer and bulkier.  This is of course up to you, but the donee of this scarf (yeah I just dropped the legal terminology for the recipient of a gift) likes wearing light scarves indoors, so this perfectly fit her MO (stop it with the legal allusions already).

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