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Collage: art form of champions

You know it’s true.  There wasn’t one day in your kindergarten classroom that your teacher said “collage” and everyone didn’t go apeshit.  It is undoubtedly one of the funnest ways to make art (second only, perhaps, to papier mache) and involves little to no talent of one’s own.

A long long long long long time ago at summer camp I took the basic collage form to some extremes and ended up with bunches of wooden beads covered in tiny tiny magazine cut-outs.  The micro-collage form has since stayed in my jewelery for nearly a decade, it’s most recent iteration in pendants.

The advantage to micro-collage is that I will probably never have to deal with copyright issues on these images simply due to their negligible size.  On the other hand, it’s true that this craft was thought up by kid-me, and I’m just not sure about its aesthetic appeal to jewelery seekers over the age of 12… While undoubtedly a casual pendant, the two above that I made a couple of weeks ago are some of my favourites so far, and I am happy to wear them.  I am just wondering if they are worth the hours of snipping and collecting dozens of tiny pictures from magazines.  What are your thoughts on them?…

The more sassy-but-classy extension of the collage pendant are the pin-up necklaces that I have been making since last year.  They have been a hit with friends, but are probably a lawsuit waiting to happen.  I’ll have to buy some stock images before I can take these to the real market.  Nonetheless, here is the latest batch:

Mom: Is that a stripper on your necklace?
Me: Mo-ooom!

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