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Just a teensy post this morning before a day of romance and softball…

I posit that the only thing keeping most people from knitting is that they down’t know the language.  Ssk, p2tog and dpn, to anyone else but a knitter, probably just sound dirty.  Honestly, taking two minutes to youtube a new stitch you come across can mean the difference between garter stitch scarves and a new pair of lace socks.

But I digress. Cos what really scares people (and even me!) is PATTERN CHARTS.  See the combination of dots and dashes above that looks more like morse code?  It can tell me how to knit too!  While small charts can make our lives easier sometimes, big ones, like the one pictured above for a laptop case, can be dizzying.

I’ve seen pattern markers in knitting shops before, at steep prices and questionable colour choices, so I figured I’d make one for myself.  This one keeps track of where the HELL I am on a chart, and is sturdy enough to mark my place until the next time I pick up that project.

Materials are simple:
-A length of fabric-based ribbon just more than double the size of the paper your pattern is on (I’d go for a matte ribbon, as adhesive may not stick to more satin-y types)
-strips of adhesive magnets
-Optional: glue gun/silicone sealer/Goop if the magnets need a bit more stick.

Simply cut your ribbon to a length that will fold once around your pattern, measure out two strips of magnet just shorter than half of the ribbon you just cut, then stick em on the inside of your ribbon with enough room between then to allow for a “fold”.  When closed around your pattern the magnets will stick to each other through the paper, embracing your pattern in a hug in can NEVER ESCAPE FROM.  You will never lose your place again!  If you want a more liberal hug that might slide more easily up and down a page, look for thinner strips or sheets of magnet.

Happy crafting!

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