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Yo-Yo, Ma

A new post, and not a minute too soon!

The minute I learned how to sew a yo-yo I knew this basic sewing technique was begging to be worn as jewellery.  They fit all the basic requirements of making it onto one my pieces: timeless, versatile and supercute. Fabric jewellery has its advantages due to light weight and the endless possibilities and combinations of colours and textures to play with, which only makes it easier to wear this jewellery with anything and everything.

The biggest hurdle with utilizing fabrics for jewellery is that economies of scale don’t quite apply.  Dozens of these hairpins could be made with a fat quarter or half a yard of cotton or silk; dimensions so minuscule in the textile business retailers have no problem charging >$8-10 for them.  At such a crossroads, any good crafter has to swallow their pride, take their allergy pills and ask where the scraps bin is.  Most higher end fabric stores will have one, or ten.  I’ve emerged with some pretty good finds: reams of embroidered silk that were sloppily cut, squares of now-off-trend-damask, and plenty of polyester!

Cotton and raw silk seem to work best for yo yos.  They fray minimally and are weighty enough to keep shape without much help.  Most of my dream fabrics are from The Workroom, whose inventory I covet so much that I would pay full yardage price to incorporate some of those great patterns into this line.

I’m thinking of going even bigger with some of these pieces.  The necklace can definitely be extended to 5-7 smaller yo-yos, to make a more significant/dramatic pendant, and I am also thinking about going smaller with the hair pins since they are just begging to be kid-sized.  (My little cousins already approve!)  Double sided pendants  of single yo-yos are also in the works, reversible as casual/couture on respective sides. Ooooh the possibilities.

Average No. of Pricks per Piece: 3
Still, you can’t deny their cuteness,

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