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Men’s attire.

Some of you might be saying, “Oh shoot, you still do this thing?”  Silly you, thinking I would give up my crafty ways.  Impossible.  I just took some time to increase my breadth vs. depth ratio, and branch out to please the other 50% of the population.

Men like to look nice too.  They even write lengthy articles in college newspapers about it.  But with a seemingly unending list of rules regarding which specific type of jacket you can wear at such-and-such time of day, it seems hard to properly carve out originality for oneself in men’s formal attire.  (At least it seems that way for me… the girl with the dress-buying and jewelery-making addictions.)    I am trying to widen the window for the boys….

BAM. Cuff links. With ladies and cities and patterns on them, and completely one of a kind.  I’d date a guy in these babies.
The glass marbles on top serve to magnify the tiny images behind them.  These developed after many talks with guys, realizing that they are secretly more interested in handmade and unique stuff that I could produce than they may lead on. But I’m on to youuuuu…  I also found a place that finally sells cuff link backings.

With a semi-formal coming up in January, I think I’ll plant some of these on wrists in the crowd and see what sort of feedback ensues.
If you’re interested in a pair, feel free to contact me or comment.  There are only three sets right now,  but I am searching for manly new motifs as I write! (Edit: more pin-ups located!)

My friend Ali called me a den mother this week.  I may or may not be knitting a tie next.

As for the laydeez, I have not forsaken thee.  I just pumped out 2 more yo-yo necklaces that are also up for grabs.


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