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Boy toys.

Hey team,

End of 1L and before I start my first law job is a perfect time to fill you in on what’s been in production any time I could come up for air throughout the year.  A lot of this stuff was begun during Xmas break and were quick and satisfying finishes once exams were done.

These knits were both for the bf.  He gets a lot of my creations for many reasons.  1) I often feel bad knitting for myself/spending the money on yarn just for me.  I like giving knitstuff as gifts and it seems to propel me quicker in the process.  Also, sometimes I feel like it is easier for me to pick a pattern for someone other than me.  There is so much I like and I am constantly changing my mind.   2) He rows, and when you are getting up in the morning to be on a lake at 7am, you need stuff keeping you cozy.  3) He really appreciates it.  Lately many people have been commenting on how difficult it is to knit for others because you don’t want to spend so much time on something they may very well not enjoy.  I have never had such a fear, and this is likely because I usually knit for him, and he always loves the pattern, the usefulness and the thought.

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