Another post from Halifax town.

I’ve had friends that have spent time in smaller cities (i.e. Victoria) tell me that “small is good, man.” and it has taken a while for me to really appreciate this.  I’ve sort of had enough of Toronto (see: leaving for Vancouver for school in September) but I never thought I could really stand a much smaller city.  4 days in Hali and I am realizing that I would like it more than I even realize.  People are much more laid back, casual, FRIENDLY and uninterested with what others think.  The music and DIY scene(s) is/are small, but at least you will come to know people more organically.  I realize now how Halifax and Victoria and Hamilton have been able to produce concentrated pockets of unreal talent.  There seems to be a lot less competition, and a lot more collaboration.  Not that the Toronto scene is dying, but I think it is becoming oversaturated and underwhelming.  There is something exciting about heading to a new city and seeing how they do things.  Most of the time, they do them damn well.  This is something that my grade 12 Toronto snob self would have never said!



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I know, right?

Admittedly, I have gone through some of the most stressful and painful months of my life since my last update in January.  Forgive me!  This does mean, however, that there was no shortage of things for me to take my mind off of by stitching!  Crafting has to be my number one mind-clearer, at least when the dance season is on its break.

I ran a craft event this winter where, if you know crafters at all, the room was inevitably filled with curses and expletives focussed towards our needles, threads and other supplies.  “Why won’t you just go through the effin hole!?… No! No! Don’t start to fray, dammit!”  One spectator asked, “Isn’t craft supposed to be, like… relaxing?”  It comes with some challenges, I suppose  (my favourite is my friend Lauren’s exclamation of “NOBODY MOVE!” whenever she drops a stitch)  but the relaxation and release that comes from crafting is about how focused and invested you are in your small project for those few hours, letting everything else melt away.  With dance,  things seem to disappear from the joy of movement and the obvious physical freedom.  It’s different for craft because it feels like I am giving everything to something else in my life for a moment, and in the end it turns out right, and I can use it and love it and brag about it forever.

….I think I just solved all my love problems while writing about textiles.  Man. Shit got real.


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Hey all,
Another quick post as my 2 weeks of essay/LSAT hell begin.  I managed this embroidery on my pillowcase back when I was naive as to how much school work I actually had in January!  I really like how it turned out, colour-wise.

(pattern from sublime stitching)

I will allude to some upcoming posts now! I promise a knitting recap since this is high warm-clothes season, and I am re-attending my knitting club, so projects have been in the multiple.  Additionally, I am beginning a few pieces for my college’s art show: one will be a larger conceptual embroidery project, and the other will be some necklaces from my jewellery collection. The show goes up in March, so I suppose I will update with teasy images of the works in progress!

Looking forward to February as much as I can right now!

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First embroidery.

It’s done, and it doesn’t look half bad.


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Stitches of another kind.

Check out my favourite Christmas present…

What really sold me on the newest publication from Jenny Hart’s breakthrough independent embroidery company, Sublime Stitching, was the fan-dancing burlesque lady on the cover.  That pattern is amazing.  Further encouragement came from the ridiculously beautiful stuff from flickr that is being accumulated at Feeling Stitchy (seriously, waste some time here).  The last straw was when I started talking to my grandmother about embroidery (‘ricamo’ in Italian).  She told me all about her sister, and how whenever she visited Italy she would be welcomed with another table cloth covered in satin-stitched flowers.  She would try hard to turn down the gift, as she felt bad being given something which so much time had been spent on.  Her sister would not have any of it.  While her eyesight for reading is getting worse, and knitting’s larger movements hurt these days, my great aunt said she would die if she couldn’t embroider.  While searching for some basic cotton for me to practice stitches on, my mom and I came upon a box full of my late-paternal grandmother’s hand decorated bed sheets and table clothes.  On each piece were her hand-embroidered initials. Continue reading

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Men’s attire.

Some of you might be saying, “Oh shoot, you still do this thing?”  Silly you, thinking I would give up my crafty ways.  Impossible.  I just took some time to increase my breadth vs. depth ratio, and branch out to please the other 50% of the population.

Men like to look nice too.  They even write lengthy articles in college newspapers about it.  But with a seemingly unending list of rules regarding which specific type of jacket you can wear at such-and-such time of day, it seems hard to properly carve out originality for oneself in men’s formal attire.  (At least it seems that way for me… the girl with the dress-buying and jewelery-making addictions.)    I am trying to widen the window for the boys….

BAM. Cuff links. With ladies and cities and patterns on them, and completely one of a kind.  I’d date a guy in these babies.
The glass marbles on top serve to magnify the tiny images behind them.  These developed after many talks with guys, realizing that they are secretly more interested in handmade and unique stuff that I could produce than they may lead on. But I’m on to youuuuu…  I also found a place that finally sells cuff link backings.

With a semi-formal coming up in January, I think I’ll plant some of these on wrists in the crowd and see what sort of feedback ensues.
If you’re interested in a pair, feel free to contact me or comment.  There are only three sets right now,  but I am searching for manly new motifs as I write! (Edit: more pin-ups located!)

My friend Ali called me a den mother this week.  I may or may not be knitting a tie next.

As for the laydeez, I have not forsaken thee.  I just pumped out 2 more yo-yo necklaces that are also up for grabs.


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My latest project has been studying to get 165< on my LSAT, which is coming up on the 26th.  I promise not to completely forget to craft.  Yarn is already purchased and should be arriving within the next week to knit some stuff for the months that, in Canada,  it is advisable to have knit things.  Posts on those should arrive shortly.

In the meantime:
Good god, let’s eat! has an awesome post regarding my Dad’s restaurant and lots and lots of pasta.
-Check out the generally awesome art over at The Quiet Revolution.

Is all,

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